Dr. Nunzia CIARDI

Dr. Nunzia CIARDI, Senior Commissioned Officer of the Italian National Police, is the Director of the Postal and Communications Police Service.

Graduated in law, and with a long-lasting experience gained previously as Director of the 1st Division of the Postal Police Service and subsequently as the Head of the Postal and Communications Police field office of Lazio, she currently coordinates the Italian National Police units specialized in the fight against cyber-terrorism, financial cybercrime, online child pornography, protection of national critical ICT infrastructures, hacking and cybercrime in general.

She is a member of the European Union Cybercrime Taskforce of Europol and of the EU-OF2CEN Project for the adoption of common strategies against organized crime in the online fraud sector.

She is a coordinator and member of working groups on child protection in the world of communication, on misinformation in digital platforms, and digital security.

She is a representative of the Ministry of the Interior within the Cyber Security Unit and the Cyber Technical Table.

She teaches at Police Academies as well as numerous Institutions.