Professional technology unveiled at show in Israel


Cyber security -- especially multi-scale protection -- has become one of the main topics in the tech industry. At the recent "Cybertech 2016" -- the world's second-largest event of its kind -- more than 250 companies and start-ups have converged on the Israeli port city of Tel Aviv and the country's top two cyber security companies were among them.


The firewall system designed by Check Point Software Technologies is widely used by world-renowned enterprises, while that of CyberArk Software features professional protection for "privileged accounts" in a company's network.


"Only trusted individuals who are allowed to come in with high access are coming through CyberArk. We say this is the right person, and we allow them access, and we record everything that they're doing with monitoring, to look for anomalies, to look for if anything is odd," said Udi Mokady, president & CEO of Cyber Software.