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Cybertech Europe 2019

In light of our overwhelming success in Rome last year, we are at it again in full force for Cybertech Europe 2019! Taking place on September 24-25, 2019, at La Nuvola Convention Center, mark your calendars for an impactful event featuring thousands of representatives from across Europe, Italy, and around the world on the cyber world’s main stage! From lectures, to plenary sessions and VIP speakers, Cybertech Europe 2019 will feature an extensive exhibition for multinational companies and SMBs alike, as well as a Startup Pavilion, where young and innovative startups display their cutting-edge technologies.

Meet company executives, government officials, startups, investors, leading academics and professionals across a wide range of sectors that are the movers-and-shakers in the global cyber landscape—in this two-day conference and exhibition of the latest innovations, solutions and developments from the world of cyber!

Come enjoy featured discussions by industry trendsetters on topics ranging from the global cyber threat, strategies and solutions for diverse challenges including finance, transportation, utilities, defense, and government to protecting operations, infrastructure and people. From enthusiast to expert, Cybertech Europe offers something for everyone to enjoy.