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Dr. Alessandro Calabrese

Master Degree in “Computational Linguistics” with thesis on development of a semantic search engine, from Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna.

Master Degree in “Intelligence and Security” from Link Campus University, Rome.

“Linguist and Conversational Designer” at Heres Enterprise S.r.l. (Bologna, 2017 – 2018). Main task consisted in supporting the development of an AI chatbot for customer service in e-commerce channels.

“Senior Consultant” for Risk Management and Risk Governance activities at Hermes Bay S.r.l. (Rome, 2018 – Present). Main job consists in assessment activities, gap analysis finalised to the attainment of compliance and remediation planning for: privacy, cyber security and safety/security on the workplace. Other tasks usually carried out include also lessons, training and roleplay addressed to employees and management.