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Luca Verderame

Luca Verderame is a post-doc research fellow at the Computer Security Laboratory (CSEC Lab) of the University of Genoa (Italy), and the CEO and Co-founder of Talos, a cybersecurity startup and university spin-off. 

In 2016 Luca obtained his Ph.D. in Electronic, Information, Robotics and Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Genoa. During his master thesis in 2012, Luca found a severe security vulnerability in the Android operating system and worked with the Android Security Team to develop a patch.

His current research interests mainly cover information security applied, in particular, to mobile and IoT environments, as witnessed by his research publications in the field.

Luca professional activities in the field of cybersecurity include collaborations with international companies and organizations, like Poste Italiane, Deloitte Risk Advisory and NATO Communications and Information Agency.