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Remo Marini

Remo has 28 years of security experience, including senior-level roles, across multiple topics such as physical security, ICT security, access management, anti-fraud enterprise security, and cyber security. He is the Group Head of IT & Operations Risk & Security at Generali and the Chief Executive Officer at Generali CyberSecurTech, the startup created to support the Cyber insurance business and to provide innovative solutions to evaluate customers cyber risks. He started his career in the Italian State Police setting-up the cyber security department, then he was the Head of Security Service Line at UniCredit until he joined Generali in 2016. Remo coordinated national and international networks/relationships with most important law enforcement agencies at Italian and world-wide level (EC3, Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni, EuroPol, USA, Israeli and Italian Secret Services, FBI).