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Dr. Ing. Federico Palmaro

Bachelor's degree in Computer and Automatic Engineering

University La Sapienza, Rome (Italy), Title Thesis: Book Swap - Sistemi di autorizzazione e autenticazione

M.Sc. in Engineering in Computer Science

Master's Degree Delivered in English, University La Sapienza, Rome (Italy) , Thesis project: Taming anti-debugger and anti-sandbox evasive techniques located in recent malware, helping the analyst's work.

Course CyberChallenge.IT edition 2017 

University La Sapienza, Rome (Italy), CyberChallenge.IT is the first Italian cybersecurity training program for talented high school and university young people.

R&D Manager – Prisma srl

Within the company I deal with research and development in the topic of cybersecurity. I mainly manage the design and implementation of a sandbox for malware automation using both open and closed source technologies. The research part then turns to possible problems in the analysis of malware and their resolution using innovative methodologies. I also participate in some consulting projects in the topic of information security.