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IEC 'Michelangelo' Cyber Dynamic challenge


*Do you have the true cyber picture of your organization?

*How risky is your cyber risk management?

The event will simulate an emergency meeting of a true cyber incident beginning with the customer CRM & Billing system. This meeting takes place at the CEO office in presence of the CEO and executive team:
'Buonarroti Electric Utility' (BEU) is a distribution and retail company providing electricity to 4.8 million customers.
Customers complains about e-mails they got from BEU containing different personal info and part of their credit card details were the initial indicator to the cyber compromise. After investigating, BEU cyber team found additional technical, metering and personal details on the darknet.

The CEO calls for an emergency meeting in order to:

  1. Get a clear picture, status, meanings and risks.
  2. Decide about effective mitigation plan and steps.

The participants and the audience will discuss different angles of the emergency meeting, the process, the treatment and challenges in such a situation. In addition, they will have the opportunity to be exposed to unique innovative cyber defense and resilience solutions of IECyber.

The outcome of the event shall be determined by the participants themselves, led and advised by   Mr. Ofer Bloch, President and CEO of Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), and Mr. Yosi Shneck, IEC’s Head of Cyber Entrepreneurship & Business Development, and in the presence of his excellency Mr. Dror Eydar, Israel Ambassador to Italy.



The event is open to guests with a conference pass. The number of places is limited.

Gathering & Mingling

Mr. Dror Eydar, Israeli Ambassador to Italy
Mr. Ofer Bloch, President and CEO, Israel Electric Corporation

Round of acquaintance & Event guidelines
The CEO Meeting