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Lorenzo Mazzei

After graduating in Computer Science, Lorenzo obtained extensive experience at a leading web agency and ISP, during this time he also founded two companies: one of Italy’s first-ever Security Services company and a Consulting firm, specializing in Cyber & Intelligence Security.


Throughout his career, in positions with increasing responsibility, he has managed Security Practice IT & Security Strategy projects at major multinational companies: such as EY, IBM, BDO, Accenture across EMEA and the Middle East. At the biginning of 2019, he joined, as a partner and investor, in the Alfa Group and founded “The Aleph” project to set up a consulting company focused on digital security & innovation services and products. 


Lorenzo is a member of the “Canova Club”, founded in 1978 with the purpose of creating a meeting place and network between business community and decision makers, thanks to the partecipation of the business and finance world’ leading exponents, he is also a member of the Diplomatia institution which promotes the exchange of ideas and the debate, easily moving from the governmental plan to that of the economy and civil society of the entire international community and of the United Nations. Moreover he was a part of the Security Matters (Now Forescout) Board as Senior Advisory and he is, also, a member of Guido Carli Association. He is Active in innovation StartUP