Massimo Mercati

Head of ESA Security Office, Italy

Senior Manager expert of complex Space and Security multinational programmes, such as ISS
(International Space Station), MEADS (Medium Extended Air Defence System) and GALILEO, with
high knowledge in identifying and managing innovative engineering and technology solutions with
regard to complex dual use or military space systems.
More than 20 years of experience in Space, in Security and the Electronic Technology field, most of
which was spent leading teams in Industries, in International and Intergovernmental Agencies/
Organisations, such as NATO, the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency,
along with Governmental Institutions as Space Security and Galileo Public Regulated Service Expert
for the Italian Prime Minister, Military Advisor Cabinet Office.
In ESA since the 2010, working in the Galileo Programme, and, since the beginning of 2019, filling
the role of ESA Security Authority leading the ESA Security Office Team, with direct reporting line to
the ESA Director General. This responsibility, performed in synergy with Member States'
security specialists (the ESA Security Committee), includes the identification and analysis of the
ESA Security Strategy, the definition of the ESA Security policy and establishment of the security
framework, the Corporate and Space Programme Security implementation supervision and
Accreditation Engineering Management, and, finally, as Cyber Security Authority, the
establishment of specific ESA Cyber Procurements.
The Goal, for the ESA Security Office, is to grant an appropriate level of security applied to the ESA
environment and ESA Space Infrastructure in order to safeguard the investments of the
European Member States.

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