The Conference

Cybertech's conference is more than an event; it's a worldwide community. Here, participants dive deep into the ever-evolving landscape of global cybersecurity, guided by industry luminaries. Our conference is a multifaceted experience, featuring the Main Plenary, parallel sessions forming our agenda's core, and special events delving into sector-specific subjects.

This year's conference will immerse you in the forefront of innovation and the uncharted territory of security. We will explore the latest in protective measures, tackling dynamic topics like AI, active defense, zero-trust architectures, supertech, and educational initiatives.

Beyond safeguarding our digital landscapes, we will champion diversity and foster emerging talent, offering a glimpse into the future. Prepare to journey through next-gen technologies, from advanced machine learning to telehealth and the transformative realms of quantum computing. Moreover, our conference extends its reach with regional and industry-focused sessions, touching upon diverse domains such as finsec, cyber investments, 5G telecommunications, and the security facets of space, maritime, and aviation.

Join us as we catalyze global discussions, empowering you to navigate the ever-shifting world of cybersecurity.

Leonardo and Accenture