Despina Spanou

Head of Cabinet of European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas

Olivier Onidi

Deputy Director-General, Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME), European Commission

Prof. Roberto Baldoni Ph.D

Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency (NCA), italy

Rt. Hon. Giorgio Mulè

Undersecretary of State for Defence, Ministry of Defence, Italy

Franco Gabrielli

Undersecretary of State to the Pres. of the Council of Ministers, Italy


CEO, Leonardo, Italy

Rick Driggers

Critical Infrastructure Cyber Lead,  Accenture Federal Services, USA

Matt Fussa

Trust Strategy Officer, Cisco, USA

elisabetta zuanelli

Emeritus Full professor, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy


Regional Director Sales Engineering - EMEA Southern, Check Point Software Technologies, Italy

Tommaso Profeta

Managing Director, Cyber & Security Solutions Division, Leonardo, Italy

Giorgio Mosca

VP Strategic Intelligence and Analysis, Leonardo, Italy

Barbara Gasperini

 Journalist and Author, Italy

David Higgins

Senior Director, Field Technology Office, CyberArk, UK

Mattia Fantinati

Member of OECD Parliamentary Group on AI; Member of the House of Representatives, Italian Parliament, Italy

Giacomo Speretta

Senior Vice President Marketing & International Business, Cyber & Security Solutions Division, Leonardo, Italy

Sonia Montegiove

ICT Analyst, Trainer and Journalist

Francesco Di Maio

Corporate Security Officer and Security Post-Holder, Enav, Italy

Marco Rottigni

Technical Director, SentinelOne, Italy

Andrea Agosti

Head of Group IT Security & Cyber Defense,  Generali, Italy

Doug Witschi

Assistant Director, Cybercrime Threat Response, Interpol

Fabio Biondi

Lt. Col. Fabio Biondi, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Estonia

Lorenzo R. Mazzei

Managing Director, Alfa Group, Italy

Paolo Borghesi

Group CISO, Nexi, Italy

David Luengo

Chair Business Unit Security, Aerospace, Security and Defence Association of Europe,

Franco Ongaro

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Leonardo, Italy

Gianni Baroni

Founder and CEO, Cyber Guru srl, Italy

Jon Tidwell

Global Head of Strategy and Innovation for Government Solutions, Mandiant, USA

Laura Carpini

Head of Cyber Security and Policies, Political and Security Affairs Directorate General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy

Massimo Ravenna

Massimo Ravenna, Ciso, Acea, Italy

Daniel Markić

Director, Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA), Republic of Croatia

Gian Andrea Bandieri

Section Manager - Cybersecurity in Aviation & Emerging Risks, EASA, Germany

Alessandro Minoia

Head of Cyber Security Solutions, Delivery & Innovation, UniCredit, Italy

Stefano Bordi

Vice President Engineering, Cyber & Security Solutions Division, Leonardo, Italy

Eylam Tamary

CEO Co-Founder, TAG Company Srl, Italy

Marco Brancati

Chief Technical & Innovation Officer, Telespazio, Italy

Bob Gilbert

VP Strategy & Chief Evangelist, Netskope, USA

Marco Molinaro

Managing Director, Accenture, Italy

Stefano Serva

Space Programme Accreditation and Security Engineering Manager, Esa, Italy

Leonardo Querzoni

president of the italian competence center on cybersecurity CYBER 4.0


Commissioner Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB), Italy

Sharon Isaaci

VP Emea, Sygnia, Israel

Greg Day

VP & Global CISO, Cybereason, UK

Zaira Burlo

Customer Support, Services & Training Director, Leonardo, Italy


Head of the Institutional and Legal Affairs Department of Europol

Adam Philpott

Chief Revenue Officer, Trellix

Leonardo Maria Rosa

Head of IT Security and Data Governance, Banco BPM, Italy

Carlo Cavazzoni

 Sr. Vice President Cloud Computing, Leonardo Labs, Italy

Paolo Prinetto

Director of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory, CINI, Italy

Gianluca Galasso

Head of Operations / Csirt Italia, National Cybersecurity Agency, Italy

Eugenio Santagata

CEO Telsy & TIM Chief Public Affairs and Security Officer, Telsy & TIM Group, Italy

Mariangela Fierro

Security Managing Director, Accenture, Italy


Programme Manager Cyber Defence at the European Defence Agency

Luigi Rebuffi

Secretary General, ECSO, Belgium

Matteo Feraboli

Group Senior Director of Cybersecurity & Anti-Fraud Services, Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy

Andrea Tomassi

ASRG Europe Leader and CISO, President and Founder of ASRG Italian Chapter

francesco dimucci

resp tecnologie, amt genova, Italy

Janne Känkänen

CEO, National Emergency Supply Agency, Finland

Fabio Colombo

Financial Services Security Portfolio Lead Europe, Accenture, Italy

Mariano VALLE

Principal Service Engineer, Nato, Italy



Deputy Executive Director, Eu-Lisa, Italy

Gennaro Faella

Sr. Vice President Strategic Innovation & Development, Cyber & Security Solutions Division, Leonardo, Italy

Pascal Rogiest

Chief Strategy Officer, Rhea Group, Luxembourg


Editor in Chief  Wired and Condé Nast Italia, Italy

Michelangelo Brescini

Presales Engineer, One Identity, Italy

Roberto Luongo

Director General, Italian Trade Agency (ICE)

Marco Rombi

Sicurezza Informatica e Networking, Amt Genova, Italy

Romano Stasi

COO, CERTFin - Italian Financial CERT, Italy

Philippe Blot

Lead Expert Certification European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, Enisa

Gaspare Ferraro

Technical Manager, Italian Cyber Security Lab, CINI, Italy

Fabio Cocurullo

Vice President Grants, Collaborations and Prototypes, Cyber & Security Solutions Division, Leonardo, Italy

Luca Nicoletti

Director of Straegy, National Cybersecurity Agency, Italy

Vittorio Rizzi

Prefect- Deputy DorectorI General of Public Security – DirectorI General of Criminal Police, Italy

Clive Finlay

Symantec Field CTO, APJ & EMEA, Symantec by Broadcom, UK


Group Organization, Ict, System Quality Vice President, Maire Tecnimont Spa, Italy

Alessandro Menna

Chief Security Officer, Italgas, Italy

Roberta Mestichella

Officer (Vice Questore Aggiunto della Polizia di Stato) of the Italian National Police, Postal and Communications Police Service

Francesco Morelli

CISO, Terna, Italy

Sergio Del Grosso

Dirigente/Manager, Agcom, Italy

Federica Montaresi

Head of Studies, Special Projects, Innovation and Institutional Relations, Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, Italy

Dirk Clausmeier

Deputy Head of Division, Federal Ministry of Finance Germany, Germany

Andrea Mazzella

Counsellor of Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy

Giovanbattista Raimondi

Deputy Commander of the Joint Command for Network Operations, Italy

Matteo E. Bonfanti

Deputy Head of Division, Italian National Cybersecurity Agency

Massimo Mercati

Head of ESA Security Office, Italy

Luca Nilo Livrieri

Sr. Manager, Sales Engineer Southern Europe, CrowdStrike, Italy

Aldo Sebastiani

Sr. Vice President Cyber Security & Digital Competence Center, Cyber & Security Solutions Division, Leonardo, Italy

Alessandro Marzi

Chief Information Security Officer, A2A Group, Italy

Pierre Chastanet

Head of the Unit for Cloud and Software in the European Commission

Michele Brunetti

Head of the Analysis Section at the General Headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza, Italy

Riccardo Croce

Director of the National counter crime center for digital and critical infrastructures protection, Italian national Police

Robert Smith

Field CISO, Noname Security, USA

Emir Kremic

General Director, Federal Institute of Statistics, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member at Elettronica, Italy

Alessandro Curioni

President, DI.GI. Academy S.r.l., Italy

Miguel González-Sancho

Head of the Unit "Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building" at Directorate-General “CONNECT” of the European Commission

Christophe Morand

Head of the Security of Information Task Force of the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS), France

Camille Gufflet

Policy officer on cyber security at the European External Action Service, Eeas, France

Luigi Martino

Director, Center for Cyber Security and International Relations Studies University of Florence, Italy

Dan Pitman

Director of Product and Technical Marketing, Bitdefender, UK

Yuri G. Rassega

Head of Cyber Security (CISO), Enel Group, Italy

Paola Giannetakis

Director of the Cybersecurity Master program, Leonardo, Italy

Leonardo and Accenture