Cybertech Special events

Explore the cyber world at Cybertech Europe 2024 through Special Events. These focused sessions provide an in-depth examination of various aspects within the cyber field, offering a comprehensive understanding of emerging trends, technologies, and threat landscapes.

Join for an insightful journey that goes beyond the surface, fostering a deeper appreciation for the complexities and advancements in the realm of cybersecurity.

Among the special discussion at Cybertech Europe 2023:

* Cybersecurity Competencies Session
* Bridging the Gap: Unifying Privileged Access and Identity Governance for Enhanced Security
* Capacity Building Panel Discussion
* Space Security Session
* Cyber and the European Angle Session
* Cyber in Multi-Domain Defence Operations Session
* Cyber and the Critical Infrastructure Session
* Top Tech Talks Session
* Security in Financial Services and New Regulatory Challenges of PSR and DORA


Leonardo and Accenture