Gen. Pietro Bianchi

Chief of Analysis Office, Guardia di Finanza, General Headquarters, Italy

Pietro Bianchi, born in Varese on October 16, 1968. Profession: Brigadier General of Guardia di Finanza (Economic and Financial Police in Italy). From 2018 Chief of Analysis Office Guardia di Finanza General Headquarters - 2nd Department. Recent work experience: • from 2014 Chief of Provincial Headquarter of Guardia di Finanza of Verona; • from 2004, Officier in Special Currency Unit of Guardia di Finanza, with responsibility for a team of 48 inspectors and 3 officers, employed in police investigations in the field of money laundering, stock exchange, banking and corporate crimes. Education and training: • Accademy of Guardia di Finanza; • Legal adviser of International Humanitarian Law and Military Operations Law (Centre for Defense Higher Studies in Rome); • Degree in Law (University of Bologna); • Degree in Financial Economic Security Sciences (University of Rome Tor Vergata). Teaching assignments: • Teaching activities on Financial Market Law at Universities of Rome and Milan and training schools of Guardia di Finanza.

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