Savino Damico

Head of Monitoring & Regulation Analysis, Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy

Savino currently works in the Digital Area of Intesa Sanpaolo, serving as the Head of Monitoring and Regulation Analysis, with the primary objective of assessing the impact of regulations on digital trasformation and other laws with remarkable impact on Intesa Sanpaolo Digital Area. He joined Intesa Sanpaolo Research & Development in 2012, where he has been responsible for Digital Payments and Biometrics and then he was in charge for Fintech Ecosystem Management and Monitoring. Here are some of his current responsibilities as Intesa Sanpaolo representative at: European Banking Federation - Digital Euro Expert Group (EBF DEEG) European Banking Federation - Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies WG Associazione Bancaria Italiana (ABI) - Monete Digitali e Cryptovalute International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA); Associazione Bancaria Italiana (ABI) - Euro Digitale ABilabchain – Board of Directors SAA - School of Management, Univ. di Torino - Executive Master in "Finanza Decentralizzata, Blockchain, Fintech: i nuovi ambiti del Mondo economico-finanziario – Scientific Committee APSIDE – Investment Committee Over the past years he covered many roles in the area of traditional and innovative payments and a number of remarkable positions both at national and international level:  he has been selected by the European Commission for the Working Group , lead by the same EC, named “Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions”; bank representative at National Banking Association (ABI) - Payments Committee; bank representative at IBOS Association - Board of Directors; Italian Representative at European Payments Council (EPC) - OITS WG (a standardization committee); Italian representative at EBA Clearing - SEPA Business WG.

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