Rear Adm. Vito Lacerenza

Head Of Submarines Department At The Italian Navy General Staff, Italian Navy, Italy

Rear Admiral Vito LACERENZA was born in Lecce on 23th December 1970. He attended the Naval Academy from 1989 to 1993. His academic curriculum includes courses at the Maritime and Military Studies Institute in Venice (2003-2004), at the Joint Services Staff College in Rome (2007-2008), achieving a post-graduate Master in “International Strategic and Military Studies” and the qualification as Legal Adviser, expert in Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts, and a 2nd level Master’s degree in “Global Strategy and Security” earned at the Centre of Defense Higher Studies in Rome (2020-2021). He also achieved University degrees in “Computer Sciences”, in “Maritime and Naval Science” and in “Political Science”. After attending the Naval Academy he qualified as submariner and then held various positions on board, progressively up to Commanding Officer of the ITS Todaro (2006-2007) in the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He commanded the Offshore Patrol Vessel Libra (2002-2003) in the rank of Lieutenant and the Frigate Espero (2010-2011) in the rank of Commander. Promoted Captain was appointed in command of the Aircraft Carrier Garibaldi (2017-2018). During his career he has covered several positions in the Navy General Staff and Central Armed Forces bodies as branch Head of organization and regulation office at 1st Personnel Department (2015-2017) and later as Head of the Officers Employment Department. (2018-2021). In October 2021, Rear Admiral Lacerenza was appointed as Commander of the Submarines, Head of the Submarines Department at the Navy General Staff, Head of the Submarines Programme Office at the Naval Armaments Directorate. Since 2018, he is the President of the Navy Sailing Centre in Anzio. He is married and has two sons.

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