Dr. Emir Kremic PhD

General Director, Federal Institute of Statistics, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr. Emir Kremic was born in a Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He received BSc from University of Buckingham and his MSc and Doctorate are in area of computer science and information technology. He is pioneer in field of biometric artificial intelligence and facial and biometric security. He was visiting professor, guest speaker and participant in world conference and some of the universities. Conferences he has participated are at: Princeton University USA, Tel Aviv University Israel, Prince Naif University KSA etc. Before coming to work for government he has work in private sector. Currently he is working for government and he is Director of Federal Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina He has server as chair committee for information and cyber security in Denmark, Austria, USA, KSA, China, etc. His areas of interests are: Mobile security, biometric security using facial and video recognition, pattern recognition and machine learning and cyber inteligence. He is co-founder of Auroris AI.

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