Ravenio Parrini

Senior Advisor, Retail Payment Instruments and Services Division, Banca d´Italia, Italy

He works in the Bank of Italy’s Retail Payment Instruments and Services Directorate. He graduated with a Master degree in Electronic Engineering, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1988. After a long experience in a multinational company, working in the telecommunication sector, he joined Banca d’Italia in 1999. During his career in the Bank he has been a member of various international forums and working groups at the European Central Bank, and the European Banking Authority, dealing with policy and regulatory issues on technical security of retail payment instruments. He has worked in the regulatory drafting area and assessment exercise teams focused on technical and functional security related to retail payment instruments (card payments, Internet banking, SEPA instruments, digital payments). He is currently dealing with regulatory and security issues related to Open Banking solutions, digital payments for e-commerce and the Digital Euro project.

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